Millie the Gardener

Millie's very pregnant mother, Sophie, was rescued from the local SPCA by Tough Mutts because a loud kennel was no place for an expectant mother. After the birth and weaning of her puppies from the safety and comfort of her foster home, Sophie's sweet personality and lovable face quickly lead to her adoption to a forever home. Her puppies -- Otis, Jane, and Millie -- continued to play their days away at their foster home where they were socialized with cats, big and medium-sized dogs, and teens. They were taught basic doggie manners, like 'feet on the floor' and 'wait.' Once they were old enough for adoption, their foster family began to take them to Tough Mutt events.

Since their heritage was a complete mystery to Tough Mutts, they went the CSI route and sent a DNA sample off for testing. The results? Mixed mutt with Norwegian Elkhound, Eskimo Spitz, and Australian Cattle Dog!

Otis made a magical connection at the Broadway Spring Fling and has made his forever home with a wonderful, country-living family. He spends his days on a cattle farm with his new three year-old "sister" who takes very good care of him and teaches him manners.

Jane melted the hearts of a Staunton family at PetPawLooza. The were instantly charmed by her laid-back, sweet manner and intelligent personality. Now Jane snuggles in her brand new crate with her brand new sparkly collar getting hugs from her brand new "brother and sister;" she spends her day meeting and greeting new people and learning doggie tricks.

Now that her brother, sister, and mother are thriving in their new forever homes, it's time for Millie to find hers!

Millie has the look of her cattle dog heritage. She is a quiet, laid-back doggie who likes tennis balls and chew bones. If you let her, she will put her paws on your shoulders and bathe your face in puppy kisses. She likes to explore outside or sit on your lap and watch a movie.

Millie is crate-trained and leash-trained. She is working hard on her house-training and she does very well for a pup of only 12-weeks. It's important to remember that Millie is still just a baby and still learning; she's super intelligent so the house-training will come as easily as the leash and crate training.

Millie is extremely loved in her foster home. She's wriggled her way in their hearts, but she needs a forever home of her own!

If you'd like more information on Millie, please feel free to send us an email!

Keep an eye our Facebook page to find out where you can meet and greet Millie at a Tough Mutts event.

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