Tough Mutts (TM) has teamed up with Jessica Troop at The Balanced Dog, LLC. TBD is a locally owned and operated dog training service that offers dog behavior modification sessions and dog behavior boot camp. Jessica, the head trainer, is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). She provides a holistic approach to whole-family dog training.

A TM associate used The Balanced Dog to eliminate some goofy behavior that her eight-year old Catahoula-mix was exhibiting after a canine addition to the family and was extremely pleased with both Jessica's knowledge, professionalism, and instant, tangible results.

After a brief in-home consultation, it was determined that Teddy, our spirited boxer youth, could benefit from Jessica's full-time knowledge and attention in her boot camp program. The Balanced Dog website describes boot camp as: "the opportunity for a board and train option. The dog goes to live in Jessica’s home, with her own personal dogs. This allows the dog to live in a completely balanced environment, learning from the dogs around him or her. It gives Jessica the opportunity to spend more time with the dog in everyday situations, which allows her to really get to know the dog and jump-start the rehabilitation process. At the end of boot camp Jessica brings the dog home and spends a large part of the day with the owners to ensure that the behaviors the dog has learned in her home will continue."

Good luck, Teddy! We're rooting for you!

If you are interested in sponsoring Teddy's care or in his adoption, please feel free to contact us or visit or sponsorship page.

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