be a foster!

Tough Mutts Dog Rescue doesn't have a brick and mortar shelter building.  We rely exclusively on a system of foster homes and families in and around the Rockingham County, Virginia area.  We need to continually maintain and expand our foster families in order to save as many dogs as we can.


Fostering rescue dogs is the selfless act of opening your home to dogs in need with the express goal of nurturing them back to "normal" through routine, stability, attention, exercise, socialization and LOVE until they can be placed in their forever home through our adoption process.


Foster homes and families are an invaluable resource for our rescue and vital for dogs who do not thrive in a shelter environment.

what is fostering?

why foster?

1.  You are saving a life.  Our city/county shelter is NOT a no-kill shelter.  Dogs at this shelter are on borrowed time; special needs dogs have even less.


2.  Foster dogs learn what it feels like to be loved.


3.  Fostering can help you decide if you are ready for full-time dog ownership and/or adding to your canine family.


4.  Depending on your household, you are socializing your foster with a variety of stimuli; greatly increasing the chances of adoption.


5.  Fostering is flexible.  You control how many fosters you have, when you will foster, and what types of dogs you prefer to foster.


6.  Fostering is free.  Tough Mutts pays all food and medical costs for all of our rescues.


7.  You will give a dog a chance to shine.  It has been proven again and again that many dogs do not have their true personalities and potential shining in a shelter environment.  Because most shelters are loud, sterile, cold, and foreign; most dogs retreat within themselves.  Potential adopters, therefore, are not seeing "the real dog."


8.  You'll make new friends - both human and canine.


9.  Even though goodbyes are hard; it means a happily ever after for your rescue that maynot have been possible without your care. 


10.  It's fun and it feels great!

is fostering for you?

Do you have:

  • a huge love for dogs, especially those with special needs?

  • the time and commitment to devote to fostering?

  • adequate space within your household to add a foster to your family?

  • a fenced in yard or reasonable means to keep your foster safely within your yard?

  • the patience to work with your foster on basic manners?


Will you be able to:

  • transport your foster to and from Tough Mutt adoption events?

  • participate in obedience training at home and/or in classes?

  • report back to Tough Mutts with information about the dog’s personality and behavior?

  • speak with potential adopters to tell them about your foster dog and help determine if they are a good match?


questions about fostering?

Please feel free to contact our Foster Program Coordinator with questions or for more information on our foster program.

ready to  foster?

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